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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States of America. A culture known for its climate, Hollywood films, and sprawling architectural urban design, it is the West Coast’s economic dynamo that bolsters the areas of tourism, tec...

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Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is the center stage of luxurious lifestyle and the pinnacle of sought-after international design and culture in Southern California. The city reaches from Whittier Drive in the West to San Vicente Blvd in the East with Los Angeles...

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Sunset Strip

Sunset Blvd, the name first found in city records from 1888, originated as a small road that was expanded further west. Connecting to other dusty trails between the farms, it was once a haven for avocados groves and poinsettia fields. By 1930 t...

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Bel Air

Along the Southern border of the neighborhood across from UCLA, the two main entrances to Bel Air are the East Gate at Beverly Glen and the West Gate at Bellagio Way. The Upper Bel Air community extends to Mulholland in the North and Sepulveda ...

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In 1887, the founders of Santa Monica donated land to the federal government for US Veterans in an area between Westwood and the East part of Brentwood. The border of the neighborhood begins at Federal and Wilshire, meanders along Wilshire and ...

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holmby hills real estate

Holmby Hills

The zenith of the platinum triangle is Holmby Hills. This area adjacent to Bel Air and Beverly Hills was founded by Arthur Letts, who named the location after Holdenby, England in 1919 with a vision to develop grand residences there. The L...

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Hollywood Hills

The glitz and glamour of the silver screen is immortalized locally by starlets that have called the legendary Hollywoodland home. The famous sign was built in 1923 to advertise housing in the area above Hollywood. The area stretches from the Ho...

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Pacific Palisades

Nicknamed "the Palisades" and “Pali” by surfers and locals, the three-mile length of the Palisades coast spans from after Sorrento Beach in Santa Monica to the south ending at Sunset Point Beach with Malibu to the north. Beaches along the P...

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malibu real estate


Known for its Mediterranean climate and ocean coastline, Malibu is the ultimate California lifestyle at its best. The sandy beaches and clear water attract international surfers and beachgoers from across the globe. The 21 mile stretch of coast...

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Newport Beach

The city of Newport Beach has achieved notoriety as a luxury haven for the rich and famous to entertain guests among opulent sailing and motor yachts, private air travel, and world renowned architecture that create a hallmark lifestyle to indul...

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