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Holmby Hills

The zenith of the platinum triangle is Holmby Hills. This area adjacent to Bel Air and Beverly Hills was founded by Arthur Letts, who named the location after Holdenby, England in 1919 with a vision to develop grand residences there.

The Letts Estate built by Arthur R. Kelly, later became known as The Playboy Mansion after it was purchased in 1974 and continued on that way until it was sold again in 2016, remaining the most prolific estate in the neighborhood.

The next most emblematic home of the area was built in the late 1980s, enshrined as a sprawling residential jewel dubbed “The Manor.” This French-chateau style mansion is the focus of media enchantment as the largest and most opulent residence of its kind.

The 400-acre neighborhood is primarily split into North of Sunset and South of Sunset. Holmby Park, was dedicated in 1954 by the Daughters of the American Revolution. The bucolic parkland is nestled to the South near the LA Country Club.

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