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Beverly Hills and Trousdale Estates

Beverly Hills is the center stage of luxurious lifestyle and the pinnacle of sought-after international design and culture in Southern California. The city reaches from Whittier Drive in the West to San Vicente Blvd in the East with Los Angeles is circumambient.

Originally settled as Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas (of which the famous Rodeo Drive is named), the area was sought after by oil prospectors in the early 1900s. Instead, the developers found an abundance of water. They formed the Rodeo Land and Water Company in 1906. The following year the iconic Beverly Hills Sign & Lily Pond was built, serving as an area landmark and center of Beverly Gardens Park.

Burton Green, a founder of Rodeo Land and Water, bifurcated the large ranch area into parcels. He named the town after Beverly Farms, Massachusetts – before that the name was inspired by a town named Beverley, (Beaver Lake), in England.

Green also began building and opened The Beverly Hills Hotel with architect Elmer Grey in 1912, two years before the city was incorporated. The hotel was a mainstay for encouraging visitors to purchase land in Beverly Hills. It is a central facet of Beverly Hills real estate history.

A resident of Beverly Hills, in the 1930s, Jack Warner requested that Warner Bros Studios art department design the iconic logo shield insignia that is laden across the town and remains the most emblematic and recognized representation of any city across the entire world.

In 1941, studio founder Harry Warner became an owner of The Beverly Hills Hotel, who with others and famed architect Paul Revere Williams, reimagined the style with a glamorized iconic pink, green and banana leaf wallpaper. Visiting businessmen and Hollywood movie stars chose Beverly Hills as their destination to build luxurious mansions.

The historic allure remains to this day with many new developments setting triumphant records while innovating the world of architecture, design, and technology across the globe.

Notable neighborhoods of Beverly Hills include The Flats, Downtown Beverly Hills, South of Wilshire, North of Sunset, and Trousdale.

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