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    Nicole Plaxen, 40, has enjoyed an equally stellar career. She honed her real estate expertise under the mentorship of one of the world's most renowned figures in luxury real estate, Sally Forster Jones. During her tenure as the team’s Executive Vice President of Sales from 2007 to 2023, Nicole played a pivotal role in driving the group’s sales to an impressive $10+ billion. She oversaw a team of 35 members and personally participated in over 4,000 transactions, including landmark sales such as the Spelling Manor for $85 million and Markus Persson's Trousdale estate for $70 million. Her client roster boasts professional athletes and high-net-worth individuals from around the globe.

    Nicole's deep affinity for real estate traces its roots back to her childhood, where she watched her mother skillfully navigate the world of buying and flipping homes throughout Los Angeles. This early exposure ignited a lifelong passion that would shape her remarkable journey.

    As a longstanding resident of Beverly Hills, Nicole's philanthropic commitments extend to various local and international causes. She embraces the opportunity to contribute positively to communities and causes close to her heart. In her personal life, Nicole finds fulfillment as a devoted mother to her two daughters, imparting to them the joys of life and the significance of giving back. She also harbors a deep love for dance, a passion for art, and a genuine enthusiasm for travel, fostering a rich appreciation for diverse cultures and experiences that enrich her perspective.

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