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    Max Morice

    Max Morice

    (Licensed As Maxime Gilbert Dierssen-Morice)

    Max Morice grew up in a bilingual French and Danish household in the Midwest where immigrant values of hard work, community-building, and cultural enrichment were integral to his upbringing. Max was pushed to succeed from an early age by his parents, his father, a former professional soccer player in France renowned for his golden left foot, and his mother, Honorary Counsel of Denmark and successful litigation attorney in the Midwest. His multi-cultural upbringing, strong work ethics and tenacity pave the way for his real estate career. Max graduated from Yale University with a degree in both Economics and Film. Such exceptional education background gives him a special insight into the market and the ability to connect with his clientele in the film industry.

    Max is an excellent athlete who played soccer for Yale and was under a professional contract for the French soccer club, Le Stade Rennais. Max’s past in Hollywood and as an athlete, have given him a rich network of people in real estate spanning all areas of entertainment, including the agency, social media and marketing sides of the industry. He brings his love for storytelling into the creative side of selling with his best friend and fellow agent at The Beverly Hills Estates, Archie Ogani.

    Languages Spoken: English

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