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    Klara Harutyunyan

    Klara Harutyunyan


    Klara, a dedicated Los Angeles Real Estate Professional, and valued-member on The Peretz Group, is renowned for her unique blend of international flair and local market expertise in Los Angeles’ luxury real estate sector. Born in Armenia and now a proud Angeleno, Klara’s multicultural background and mastery of four languages—Armenian, Russian, English, and Spanish—set her apart in a diverse and competitive market.

    With an impressive academic background, including a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Literature, Klara offers a sophisticated approach to real estate. Her keen understanding of narrative and aesthetics is a significant asset, especially in marketing properties and crafting compelling stories for each home.

    Before her foray into real estate, Klara was a celebrated makeup artist in the entertainment industry, working with numerous high-profile celebrities. This experience afforded her unique insights into luxury and privacy needs, making her an invaluable advisor to clients seeking discretion and bespoke service.

    Klara’s passion for art and architecture transcends her personal life, where she enjoys painting and photography. This artistic sensibility is evident in her approach to showcasing properties, focusing on their unique architectural features and the lifestyle they offer. Her ability to see and present homes as works of art ensures each listing is portrayed in its finest light.

    In her real estate practice, Klara is dedicated to guiding her clients through the intricacies of buying and selling high-end properties. She recently achieved a significant milestone with the sale of a $23 million Bel Air estate, showcasing her exceptional capability in handling luxury transactions. Klara’s commitment to her clients is deep-rooted in her belief that real estate is not just about transactions but about facilitating life-changing decisions and building wealth over time.

    Klara’s approach is personalized and client-centric. She believes in building relationships based on trust and mutual respect, where every client feels heard and valued. Whether assisting newcomers to LA or helping locals upscale their living situations, Klara is committed to delivering exceptional results and ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience.

    Languages Spoken: Armenian, English, Russian, Spanish

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