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    Francesca Drago

    Francesca Drago


    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Francesca continues to embrace her love for the city by diving into LA’s exciting real estate world. After graduating from USC with a major in Communication and a minor in Real Estate Development, Francesca moved to London to obtain her Master’s Degree in Enterprise. She maximized her time in London through extensive traveling, educational pursuits, and working for Knight Frank - the UK’s leading independent real estate agency. Living in London allowed Francesca to expand beyond the niche of Los Angeles by curating an intimate global network of individuals, enriching her worldly perspective and expanding her clientele reach.

    Through her previous work experience with The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, Francesca has developed a deep understanding of the importance of nurturing client relations and making sure everyone in her care feels prioritized. This work experience granted Francesca a competitive advantage in understanding the intricacies of prime residential and commercial real estate in Beverly Hills.

    Raised by a family immersed in the hospitality industry, anticipating and catering to the needs of others is innate to Francesca’s modus operandi in her career life. She views the facets of real estate through a hospitality lens where her client always comes first, ultimately setting the stage to give those she works with the most tailored, intimate and guided experience.

    Francesca is eager to take her varied experiences and apply them to Los Angeles’s thriving real estate world, giving everyone in her path a taste of her genuine and charismatic nature. She excitedly joins Lea Porter on her team, whose devoted mentorship and expertise serves as an invaluable asset!

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