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    Francesca Allegro

    Francesca Allegro


    Born and raised amidst the elegance of Milan, Italy, Francesca brings a multicultural flair to the world of high-end design and real estate. Her international upbringing has cultivated a unique perspective, seamlessly blending European sophisticated style with the vibrant energy of Los Angeles.

    Fluent in two languages, she serves as a cultural bridge for clients seeking a truly global real estate experience. With an education in interior design, her aesthetic insight adds an extra layer of finesse to every property transaction.

    With seven years of sales experience and a background in hospitality, Francesca has instilled a diverse network, including connections within the entertainment industry and among professional athletes. Francesca's journey and passion for architecture and design has expanded under the mentorship of the visionary Designer/Developer partnership of Jae Omar Design and JVE Development, specializing in the artistry of luxury development in LA. Her understanding of the construction and building process positions her as a trusted guide in navigating the intricate world of real estate.

    Furthermore, Francesca is thrilled to be part of the accomplished team at Walters | Plaxen, industry leaders with almost 40 years of combined experience, representing some of the finest properties in Los Angeles.

    Whether you’re listing a new construction, aspiring to own a luxurious estate or making a property investment, Francesca is excited to turn your real estate dreams into reality with the expertise and dedication of her empowering and uplifting women led team.

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