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Angel Salvador


Angel Salvador is an exceptional luxury real estate professional who has established himself among some of the most discerning buyers and sellers in the city as the go-to person for iconic homes. With a proven career track, his impressive roster of clientele includes The Weeknd, Kylie Jenner, Madonna, and James Lew.

Angel has developed his unique brand of customer experience that gives him an unrivaled edge that is rooted in his unwavering drive to conquer challenges and finetune his services. His past experiences in the loan industry gave him expert knowledge about financial transactions. A Bachelor of Arts in Computers and his past role leading an IT department at an insurance company gave him the tenacity, problem-solving, and management skills needed to tackle a range of demanding deliverables. From starting with knocking over 1000 doors in the earlier part of his real estate career to honing in on unique insights of each individual customers’ needs, Angel truly worked his way up in the industry.

“Honesty, providing excellent services, always putting clients’ interests ahead of anything else, and always being available, encompass the service I provide. Doing whatever it takes to make clients’ experiences as pain-free as possible,” said Angel, describing his ingredients for success, “I speak their language.”

With Angel, he not only does a good job. Angel is trusted by many musicians and industry heavy hitters because his personal passion and style align with theirs. There is a sense of comfort and familiarity that exudes from his passion and knowledge in music along with his fashion-forward style. It’s not about suit and tie, but casual chic getups with an interesting edge, with Balenciaga, Fendi, and Dior as his sartorial choices.

Throughout the years, Angel continues to admire the work of Branden and Rayni Williams, LA’s top real estate brokerage team. Together, a perfect synergetic relationship is developed between Angel’s top-notched client service and The Williams’ record-breaking performances and resources.

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